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Project Management
What We Do:

Within the Work Management Group, Project Managers provide management services to the campus community for repair and replacement projects. Our primary responsibility is the management of projects for the Physical Plant and secondarily for other units on campus based on availability of time and personnel. Projects can include replacement or repair of carpet, various exterior and interior finishes, doors, windows, structural repairs, electrical equipment, heating and cooling equipment, roads, roofs and other site features.

Work Management performs the hiring of design consultants, project bidding and contracting, project management and inspections. Additionally, our unit coordinates with the campus community to insure a minimal disruption to the educational and research functions of the University. Estimates for work are also provided.

The services of Work Management Project Managers are initiated by issuing a Facilities Project Request (FPR) to the Physical Plant business office or by a Work Order to the Work Control Desk at 459-4444 or an email to wodesk@ucsc.edu.

What We Don't Do:

Work Management differs from Physical Planning and Construction (PP&C) in that PP&C’s focus is on new and remodel projects. PP&C Construction Schedule

Work Management Project Managers: